Tea By Three

15333 River Lane

Clinton Township, Michigan 48038


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Closed At This Time


Tom and I want to thank you for our successful Tea business through the years. We’ve had a great journey and have come to love each and every one of you.

You all have made my dreams come true with all our special events and the private parties we’ve had for weddings, baby showers and the fun loving Red Hat Groups. I truly love and care about all of you.

Our plan is to close our Tea Room in the Sunroom. After we have taken some time off we will revisit our business plan and who knows, when one door closes another opens.

We will be having a Sale in the Greenhouse by appointments only. Our chairs, china, teapots, garden items, tea cart, silverware, glassware, linens, hats etc. will be on display to sell at very reasonable prices. Hope to see you soon!

Call or e-mail for your appointment:
Cell: 586-612-0061
Business line: 586-286-7836

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Love to all!
Tom and Cheryl Nix